The Most Popular Places to Buy Panettone in Milan in 2023

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Updated November 2024

Panettone is a dessert everyone in Italy eats during the Christmas season. It’s a brioche-type, dome-shaped cake, with a flavourful dough studded with raisins and candied fruit.

It’s originally from Milan, so this is THE place to try it!

The procedure to make it is very complex and lengthy, so much so that even the most expert pastry chefs sometimes find it difficult to make a perfect panettone.

The dough is made with flour, water, eggs, sugar, butter, and honey. Then, the raisins and candied fruit are added. The dough is left to rise multiple times over several days, and finally, it is baked in the oven.

But that’s not it! After it’s cooked to perfection, it needs to rest a few days before it’s ready.

Understandably, this makes it so that a good panettone is quite pricey!

But, if you buy the right one, it will be worth every single cent.

Where to buy panettone in Milan

Marchesi 1824

PHOTO: @marchesi1824

One of the most famous places to buy panettone in Milan is Marchesi, a historic pastry shop in Milano.

Since 1824, Marchesi has been one of the most renowned pastry shops in Milan, and it is still a symbol of the city’s sweet tradition today.

Located in the beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Marchesi is the ideal place to stop and enjoy a fancy break while shopping.

Especially, after December 8, when a magnificent and sparkly Christmas tree is set up in the middle of the Gallery, the view from the upper floor of this patisserie is even more magical.

You can have a slice of Marchesi’s panettone in this scenic backdrop, or you can buy one to take home or for a special gift. They make a soft, fragrant, panettone, with a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors. The dough is delicately flavored, and the right balance of raisins and candied Sicilian fruit.

Price: € 40 for a 1000 gr classic Panettone.


PHOTO: @pasticceriacova

Cova is a classic pastry shop in Milan, with a long tradition dating back to 1817.

The elegant and sophisticated interiors of its Via Montenapoleone and Sforzesco Castle locations live up to the status of their glitzy surroundings.

In both these cafés there is a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere reminiscent of Milano in the eighteenth century, which makes Cova a wonderful place to have an afternoon break and enjoy a cup of tea with a tasty pastry or buy a special cake or some desserts to take home.

Moreover, their panettone is widely regarded as one of Milan’s best, and it lives up to its reputation.

Price of Classic Panettone at Cova: starting from €21 for 500gr

Price of Panettone Brera Milano 1930: starting from €23

Pasticceria Giacomo

PHOTO: @giacomo_milano

Another renowned pastry shop in the center of Milan is Pasticceria Giacomo, in the elegant Risorgimento neighborhood.

This tiny shop is extremely fancy and refined, and it’s one of the most sought-after pastry shops in the city.

Pasticceria Giacomo is part of the Milanese empire started by the Tuscan Giacomo Bulleri in 1958, counting multiple popular high-end restaurants and cafés in the city – including the very well-known “Da Giacomo” and the scenic, duomo-facing “Giacomo Arengario” restaurant.

At Giacomo Pasticceria you can find all kinds of luxury pastries and desserts, but panettone is definitely the star of the show during the Christmas season!

Giacomo’s panettone is fragrant and fluffy, with a flavorful dough; the candied fruit is moist, and the raisins are juicy.

Price: € 39 for a 1000 gr classic Panettone.

Pasticceria Giacomo | Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 5 Milano

Pasticceria Ranieri

PHOTO: @ranieri_moscova_7

Situated in a convenient location in Milan’s fashion district, Pasticceria Ranieri offers a wide variety of delicious treats with alluring flavors.

The heavenly smell of freshly baked buttery desserts will greet you as soon as you step through the door.

The cakes on show in the elegant glass case range from jam tarts to cakes made with strawberries and berries, or pears and chocolate, and tarte tatins.

But the crowning glory during this season is, obviously, panettone.

In particular, their pineapple panettone is what they’re known for. This special kind of cake is made with candied pineapple, which isn’t a common ingredient of this traditional dessert.

Their candied pineapples have a subtle sweetness, which isn’t overpowering, and combine well with the light delicate aroma of panettone dough. This new flavor was a big success and became quickly very popular.

If you’re not a fan of raisins but you still want to try panettone, this one is for you!

Obviously, here you’ll also find the traditional recipe that calls for raisins and Italian candied fruit.

Regardless of which kind you pick, panettone here is divine.

Price: € 20 for a 500gr classic Panettone, 38€ for a 1000 gr one.

Pasticceria Ranieri Brera | Via della Moscova, 7, Milano

Panificio Davide Longoni

PHOTO: @panificiodavidelongoni

Whenever we’re talking about bread, we can’t fail to mention Longoni.

Using only local, high-quality ingredients and no fertilizers, Davide Longoni has become one of Milan’s most acclaimed bakeries.

It’s ideal for a Panettone during Christmas time. Every year there are new variations on traditional, which you can pick up at any of their shops, or order it from the comfort of your own home on their website.

Price: € 40 for a 1000gr classic Panettone.


PHOTO: @marlapasticceria

Marlà is a relatively new patisserie shop in the Porta Romana neighborhood, but it’s already become one of the most beloved pastry shops in the area.

The patisserie shop is owned by a couple of young, talented pastry chefs who have already won several awards for their creativity and techniques since they opened in 2018.

Pastries of many kinds are served, but the maritozzo, a Roman delicacy, stands out among the others. You can also try mini versions of their cakes and wash them down with delicious, creamy coffee-based beverages.

This is also the right place to go if you want to try a new twist on the classic panettone. Not only do they make the traditional one, but you’ll have a wide variety of other flavorful options to choose from.

Some examples are the mouthwatering pairing of apple and cinnamon, or the more classic orange and chocolate.

Prices start from 22€ for a 500gr classic Panettone.

Marlà Pasticceria, Porta Romana | Corso Lodi 15

L’Ile Douce

PHOTO: @iledoucemilano

This french-inspired patisserie shop is located in the constantly evolving, vibrant Isola district.

At this beautiful patisserie shop, you can choose from a selection of lusciously glossy gourmand desserts.

Lavish-looking cakes, macarons, croissants, and parfaits are all on display and ready to tempt you. But let’s not forget the viennoiserie: crisp freshly filled croissants made with pure French butter.

Plus, there’s obviously panettone. Soft dough, subtle vanilla flavor, buttery aroma of citrus fruits, and juicy raisins.

You can have a slice, or you can buy a whole, beautifully packaged cake.

Prices start from 35€ for a 1000 gr classic Panettone.

L’Ile Douce Milano | Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 15


PHOTO: @pavemilano

We already listed Pavé as one of the best places to have breakfast in Milan – this hip bakery has made itself known for its high-quality baked goods, and it’s a place not to miss when you’re in town.

Pavé is a popular spot among locals and tourists who are looking for a caffeine fix, accompanied by flaky pastries, sourdough bread avocado toasts, healthy lunches, but also panettone, available all year long!

Not only you can sample it every day of the year, lightly toasted and topped with absolutely heavenly mascarpone cream, but you can also buy a whole cake to take home.

Just like the rest of their baked products, Pave’s panettone is made with the best ingredients. The dough is kept light and fluffy with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Price: €42 per 1000 gr Classic Panettone.

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian

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