The Milan Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

What most travel blogs want you to do

Let’s be honest: most travel blogs are written by tourists themselves, who only know touristy things. They eat at restaurants that cater to tourists, visit attractions that everyone knows about, and take photos of the same things you’ve seen thousands of times before.

How many times do I have to read about the Navigli canals before I want to throw my computer into one of them?

Let’s try something new.

As locals, we write about the real Milan, because we know what tourists don’t: where to find hidden gems, truly local food, the many city’s quirks, and offbeat interesting sights.

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Locals when they see you feed and touch the pigeons

But sometimes, maybe because you don’t have much time, you want to cover the top landmarks on your first visit. How would your followers know you’ve been to Milan if you don’t post that selfie with pigeons in piazza Duomo?

Ok, we will cover the most popular places too, but you can count on us to bring you a local’s perspective.

Spoiler alert, that includes not taking pictures with the pigeons.

But what on earth does no sbatti mean?

Milanesi are pragmatic creatures. They don’t like wasting time, and they’re always super busy (or they like to pretend they are). And they like complaining, a lot (usually about how busy they are).

But you only have 24 hours in your day, you need to learn to pick your battles very carefully. When they say “che sbatti” we all know what that’s really code for: “I don’t want to do this” and “I have better things to do and now I’m stressed out”.

Planning a trip or moving to a new city abroad may entail a significant amount of sbatti. But we’re here to spare you the hassle, giving you all the info in one place, so all you have to do is show up.

Hopefully you right now