Best Barber Shops in Milan: Where to Get the Best Haircut

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When traveling to Milan, visiting a barber shop should be at the top of your to-do list. 

The city is known for its fashion-forward style, and the barber shop plays a crucial role in helping men achieve the perfect look. 

With the resurgence of traditional barbering techniques and the emphasis on relaxation and luxury, the barber shop experience has been completely transformed. 

To help you navigate the many options available, we’ve compiled a list of the best barber shops in Milan, catering to every budget. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic men’s cut or a perfectly groomed beard, these barbers will have you looking and feeling your best.

Best Barber Shops in Milan

Tonsor Club

Via Palermo, 15 (Brera)

Via Paolo da Cannobio, 39 (Missori – yellow metro station)

Tonsor Club elevates the traditional barbershop experience to an elegant and artistic level.

The vintage and minimalistic design sets the tone for a personalized grooming experience. Each cut is tailored to suit the individual, blending traditional and contemporary styles.

The staff at Tonsor Club is friendly, welcoming and attentive. Many of them are fluent in both English and Italian, ensuring that communication is seamless. The level of attention to detail is outstanding, resulting in a fantastic haircut at an affordable price. The use of high-quality products only adds to the overall experience.

In short, Tonsor Club offers a unique and high-quality grooming experience that’s worth checking out. So, if you’re in Milan and looking for a great haircut, Tonsor Club is the place to be.


Multiple locations, see below

Barberino’s is a chain of barbershops located in Milan, with 10 locations throughout the city. Each location offers a top-notch grooming experience with a vintage atmosphere that will transport you back to Italy in the 1940s. 

The barbers provide professional service with a human touch, and are friendly and open to having a chat, making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience. 

The service is professional and the prices are aligned with the level of service. The atmosphere is great, with jazz lounge music in the background, and you can relax and enjoy the service. 

The staff, most of which can speak English,is highly skilled and does a great job.

Corso Magenta, 10 (Magenta)

Via Cerva, 11 (San Babila – red metro station)

Via Fatebenefratelli, 21 (Turati – yellow metro station)

Corso di Porta Romana, 55 (Porta Romana)

Via Madonnina, 10 (Brera)

Coin Excelsior,Corso Vercelli (Conciliazione – red metro station)

Via Tortona, 19 (Navigli)

Coin Excelsior, Piazza Tre Torri (Citylife district)

Via Federico Confalonieri, 21 (Isola)

Piazza Venticinque Aprile, 10 (Brera) 

John Barber

Via Nino Bixio, 12 (Porta Venezia)

John Barber is a stylish and exclusive barbershop located in the Porta Venezia district. The shop is well-designed and decorated with an Italian style, and the staff is friendly and professional. 

Not only do they offer a great grooming experience, but the shop also boasts a nice reception area, with a selection of good coffee and whiskey from around the world to enjoy while you wait. The barbers are skilled with scissors and razors and will give you a perfect cut. The staff is also helpful with language barriers and happy to assist customers who may not speak Italian fluently.

Antica Barberia Colla

Via Gerolamo Morone, 3 (Montenapoleone)

Antica Barberia Colla is a prestigious and historical barbershop located in Milan, open since 1904, with over a hundred years of experience in beard and hair care. 

Since its opening, it has become a sort of gentlemen’s club, and has always been committed to combining tradition and innovation. The shop has a magical atmosphere, where many interesting people and stories have been shared throughout its history.

The barbers are skilled and experienced, and all of the employees speak English. The prices might be considered high by some, but it is worth it for the central Milan location and the authentic experience. 

The shop is a must-see you appreciate old-school barbershops, and is highly recommended for a high-end grooming experience in Milan.

Barbers & Bourbon

Via Santa Marta, 5 (Duomo) 

Barbers & Bourbon was founded by a group of friends who wanted to recreate the atmosphere of prohibition-era speakeasies in Milan.

This salon transports you to the atmosphere of an exclusive club for gentlemen, New York style, with a fifties vintage vibe. 

The shop offers a great haircut and a flawless Italian shave, with a focus on quality and attention to detail. The barbers are skilled, friendly and professional, and speak great English. 

The shop is easy to book online – but even if you don’t have a reservation, the barbers are welcoming and will take care of you.

Glow Hair & Beyond

Via Lorenzo Mascheroni, 14 (Magenta)

Glow Hair & Beyond, located not too far away from the Sforza Castle and park, offers a wide range of grooming services for men. 

The shop uses sophisticated products and accessories to provide treatments such as eye pressure therapy and relaxing massages to enhance the overall experience. 

The team, led by owner Lucio, is friendly, professional and dedicated to providing a great self-care experience. They welcome customers with a cozy and well-designed waiting area, and offer refreshments while you wait. 

The salon is a magical place, with attention to detail and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, and they always knows what the right color, style or cut for you is.

Barbier Pisterzi

Via Monte Napoleone, 17 (Montenapoleone)

Barber Pisterzi, located in the upscale Via Montenapoleone district of Milan, is the epitome of luxury grooming for men.

Led by the highly experienced and internationally renowned Gian Antonio Pisterzi, the salon offers a holistic approach to taking care of men’s grooming needs.

The team strives to create an engaging and satisfying experience for every customer. The interiors of the salon are impeccable and every detail is taken care of to perfection.

The salon is known for its high level of expertise, offering personalized services in addition to the classic cut and beard grooming. The salon also has a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere with beautiful background music, making it the perfect place to relax and trust in your barber’s skills.

The salon offers a luxurious experience, not only in terms of grooming but also in terms of atmosphere and scents. Using Penhaligon’s products, you will leave the salon not only looking great, but also smelling fantastic.

Barberia delle colonne

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 26 (Ticinese / Navigli)

Barberia delle Colonne, located in the Ticinese neighborhood of Milan, is a family-run barbershop that has been in operation for over 40 years. 

The shop is run by grandfather and grandson duo, Orazio Senior and Orazio Jr, who bring their combined experience and fresh perspective to the business. 

The shop offers a wide range of cuts, from trendy and fashionable to classic and elegant. The atmosphere is authentic and non-touristic, providing a truly authentic Milanese experience. 

Prices are in line with the Milanese average and even a little cheaper, making it an affordable option. 

No appointments are necessary, simply drop in and wait your turn.


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