Linate Airport: Everything you need to know

Linate airport is a super-convenient gateway to Milan. Of the three airports, it’s the closest to the city center, and it’s easy to get around the city once you’re there. Here’s everything you need to know about Linate Airport!
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Linate is located east of Milan, making it very close to the city center. It’s easily accessible by bus, taxi, or car. There are several ways to move to and from Linate:

How to Get to Milan City Center from Linate (and vice versa)

Public transportation (Bus 73)

Bus 73 is the cheapest way to go to Milan city center. The line starts in Piazza Diaz (3 minute walk from Piazza Duomo) and stops right at Linate airport arrivals.

The bus takes about 30 minutes to get to Milan city center. It runs very frequently, with the first ride leaving Linate at 5:30 AM and the last one at 1:06 AM. 

You can find the official bus 73 timetables here: 

Linate to Milan City Center (Duomo)

Milan City Center (Duomo) to Linate Airport (the first page is the timetable from Piazza Diaz, the beginning of the line)

Bus 73 fare

The Milan City Center/Linate ticket costs 2€ and can be purchased online.

More details about where to buy a ticket for public transportation in Milan can be found here.


In Milan, taxis are a reliable option to get around. The fare to/from Linate isn’t fixed but it’s based on the meter. Expect to pay 20-40 euros based on traffic. 

Even if taxi drivers are required to accept cards, they sometimes don’t, so explicitly ask before you get in the car.

Unfortunately, Uber isn’t available in Italy—the only exception is Uber Black (but as you might know, it’s much more expensive than a regular taxi ride). 

How to Get to Milan Central Station from Linate 

Public transportation (Bus 73 + 60)

Take Bus 73 from the airport arrivals and ride it for 11 stops. Get off at “Via Cadore/Corso Ventidue Marzo”, wait for Bus 60 (direction Zara M3/M5), and stop at “Via Vitruvio”, 2 minute walk from the Central Station.

Private bus lines 

There are two private bus lines connecting Linate to Milan central station:

  • Airpullman: A one-way adult ticket costs €7.00; Airpullmann runs every hour, taking around 25 minutes to get to the central station. On their website, you can check their timetable and purchase tickets (which can also be purchased on board, with cash or cards)
  • Airbus express: A one-way adult ticket costs 7€ on board, and 5€ if you buy in advance on their website. They run every hour and the trip to the central station takes about 25 minutes.

How to Get to Milan Malpensa Airport from Linate Airport

Malpensa Express from the central station

The Malpensa Airport is not directly connected to Linate, but the Malpensa Express train links it to Milan city center. So if you need to go from Linate to Malpensa (or vice versa), you’ll have to get to the Central Station first (see how above).

The Malpensa Express train runs every day from Central Station from 5:25 AM to 11:53 PM, and in 50 minutes will take you to Malpensa Terminal 1 (Terminal 2 is currently closed). Click here for the official schedule and to purchase tickets (13€ for a one-way ticket).


Taxi rides connecting the Linate and Malpensa airports have a fixed fare of 116€ – make sure this is clear and don’t accept a metered taxi ride!

Featured photo by Ivan Shimko on Unsplash

Do you need to use the metro during your stay? You can find the Milan metro map, schedule and tickets here.

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