Best breweries and craft beer in Milan

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To help you navigate the city’s beer scene, we’ve curated a list of the best breweries and craft beer in Milan.

Milan has recently emerged as a hotspot for beer enthusiasts. With a growing number of events, pubs, and breweries dedicated to the craft, the city offers a diverse range of options for beer lovers. 

Despite a long-held perception that beer is inferior to wine, especially in Italy where winemaking has a centuries-old tradition, the brewing industry has seen a significant expansion in recent years. 

The Italian craft brewery sector, although it developed at a slower pace than countries with a deep-rooted beer culture like Germany, Belgium or the United Kingdom, is now thriving and well-established. 

Whether you’re interested in traditional English and Belgian brews or looking to sample the best of Italy’s own production, Milan has something to offer every palate. 

Best breweries and craft beer in Milan

Pavè Birra di Quartiere

Via Felice Casati, 24 (Porta Venezia)

We already talked about them for their endless accomplishments: best coffee, best pastries and best panettone in Milan. But last but not least, Pavé is also known for their impressive selection of high-quality craft beers from Italian and international breweries.

Their rotating selection includes a wide variety of options, from draft beers and pilsners to IPAs and bocks.

In addition to the great beer, the snacks and small foods served at Pavé Birra are also noteworthy, particularly their delicious hotdogs, which can be customized with a variety of toppings, even including a meatless “impossible hot dog” option. 

The atmosphere is casual and friendly, with knowledgeable staff who are happy to help you find your new favorite brew. Prices are reasonable. We highly recommend Pavé Birra as a top choice for beer and food in Milan.

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Bierfabrik Milano

Via Federico Ozanam, 8 (Porta Venezia)

At Bierfabrik, beer enthusiasts will find a unique and dynamic selection of craft beers, carefully curated from Italian and international breweries.

The industrial-style bar, located just a short distance from Corso Buenos Aires, offers an ever-changing selection of brews, many of which are uncommon and hard to come by. The expert staff will be happy to guide you through the selection and suggest a beer that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

The bar also serves a delectable selection of tapas and gourmet-style burgers, including the Impossible burger, that will elevate your dining experience. Although compact, the ambiance is cozy, and it can get lively on the weekends, so it’s advisable to secure a table in advance, especially for larger groups.


Via Friuli, 46 (Porta Romana)

At Lambiczoon, beer aficionados can indulge in a carefully curated selection of the world’s most delicious and sought-after beers

Specializing in the unique and complex lambic style, which hails from the Pajottenland region of Belgium southwest of Brussels, they scour the globe to bring you the finest brews.

In addition to the wide variety of beers, they also serve up a menu of delicious burgers, made with high-quality meats and original ingredients, with more than 15 variations to choose from, each one of them featuring unique and creative ingredients such as burrata, meat smoked with real Tuscan cigars, and much more.

Bere buona birra

Via Adige, 13 (Porta Romana)

“Bere buona birra” offers a dynamic and constantly rotating selection of craft beers from a variety of micro-breweries. 

The taproom features a curated selection of taps, along with a wide variety of bottles to take home, giving you the opportunity to sample a diverse array of beers. 

While the brewery doesn’t have its own kitchen, it welcomes customers to bring their own food or order in and enjoy it on the premises. 

They also host occasional events with master brewers from specific breweries, giving visitors a chance to learn more about the brewing process and the stories behind the beers. 

The knowledgeable owner is always available to provide expert recommendations and information on the different beers they offer. 

Prices are reasonable and in line with the high-quality of the products.

Buttiga Beer Room

Via Paolo Sarpi, 64 (Chinatown)

Viale Isonzo, 10 (Porta Romana)

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 194 (Sondrio yellow metro line)

La Buttiga is a craft beer heaven tucked away in Milan’s Chinatown, with additional locations on the lesser-known Naviglio della Martesana, and the most recent near Porta Romana. 

This small taproom serves an exceptional selection of beers and its immense popularity among locals is a testament to its quality. 

La Buttiga is one of the few single-brand pubs in Milan and serves craft beers from its own brewery based in Piacenza, a short drive south of the city. 

With a rotating selection of taps and an array of bottled options, all from La Buttiga, you can choose from a wide range of options and sample before making a decision. 

The space may be small, but the tables outside provide a perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer and take a break.

The Wall 

Via Carmagnola, 15 (Isola)

The Wall is located in the up-and-coming Isola district of Milan.

This small but cozy taproom serves up their own delicious brews made at their brewery just a short drive north of the city.

The ambiance is rustic and industrial, with bar stools made from kegs and even the bathroom sink fashioned from a cut keg. It’s clear that the team at the Wall is all about the beer.

The selection on tap rotates frequently and includes a wide range of styles, from classic lagers to hoppy IPAs. Each beer is served in its own unique glass, adding to the overall experience. 

And if you’re feeling peckish, the Wall also offers a selection of delicious Italian regional cuisine. From Pucce, a type of bread from Puglia, to Arrosticini, skewered grilled meat from Abruzzo, there’s something for every taste. Vegetarian options are also available.

For sports fans, there are a couple of TVs showing live events, making the Wall a great spot to catch a match with friends.

Photo by Meritt Thomas

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