Where to go for a night of live music in Milan

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Milan isn’t just the fashion and financial capital of Italy; it is also renowned for its lively nightlife – and this includes a diverse live music scene. 

The city offers a wide range of options for music lovers of all genres, from classical to jazz, rock, and alternative. 

Whether you’re in the mood for an intimate concert in a cozy jazz club, a wild night of rock ‘n’ roll in a crowded pub, or an eclectic experience at a multi-purpose venue, Milan’s music scene promises to deliver an unforgettable night filled with melody and rhythm.

You will find a plethora of venues and events that cater to your music preferences. These are our favorites.

The best places to see live Music in Milan

Blue Note

Via Pietro Borsieri, 37 (Isola)

Located in the Isola district, this club and restaurant has been open since 2003 and is the best place to listen to live jazz music in Milan.

As part of the Blue Note network, which includes historic clubs in cities such as New York, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, Blue Note is considered one of the premier venues for jazz music in Europe.

Many notable jazz, blues, soul, Italian, and Latin american artists have performed on its stage. 

The club has a weekly schedule of shows from Tuesday to Sunday, with double performances at 9 and 11 pm (11:30 pm on weekends) except on Sunday which features a single evening show at 9 pm. 

The restaurant serves a variety of Italian and international cuisine, as well as a selection of Italian and French wines – but we think the food is a bit overpriced for the quality, and we suggest you have a nice dinner in one of the many great restaurants of the lively Isola neighborhood before the show.

If you’re planning to visit the Blue Note jazz club, it’s important to note that tickets tend to sell out quickly, especially for the earlier shows. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to see a live performance at this iconic venue, it’s recommended to book your tickets in advance. 

Additionally, seating at the Blue Note is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so to secure a good seat, it’s advisable to arrive at least 45 minutes before the start of the show to ensure you’ll find a good spot once the doors open.

Nidaba Theatre

Via Emilio Gola, 12 (Navigli)

Nidaba Theatre is an intimate venue, boasting an eclectic selection of musical acts, from blues and folk to rock & roll and country, featuring both renowned and emerging artists from Italy and beyond.

Every evening, Nidaba Theatre comes alive with the electrifying energy of live music, drawing in a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts. The stage, small and intimate, provides an up-close and personal experience, and the atmosphere is very lively.

To secure a spot at one of Nidaba Theatre’s highly sought-after live music nights, it’s necessary to make a reservation through WhatsApp (check out their web page for more info). 

Even with a reservation, it’s advisable to come early and find a good spot, as the club can get very crowded after the show starts.

Please note that entry is free, but you have to buy a (very reasonably priced) drink when you’re there.

To see their upcoming shows, visit their website or Instagram account.

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Viale Toscana 31 (Navigli)

Via Privata Ettore Paladini, 8 (Lambrate)

If you’re in search of a vibrant and eclectic venue in Milan, you must check out Santeria. This multi-functional hotspot has two locations – one on Via Paladini (Lambrate) which features a bistro, bookshop and a coworking space with a charming outdoor courtyard, and the other on Viale Toscana (not far from Navigli) which is a spacious bar and kitchen adjacent to the Social Club theater for events. 

Despite being a bit off the beaten path, Santeria is easily accessible thanks to Milan’s efficient public transportation system, even during late hours.

With a diverse lineup of both local and international artists, Santeria is a hub for everything from electronic and indie music.

While some events may require a fee, many are free, making it an accessible spot for all music enthusiasts. 

However, due to its popularity, it’s advisable to plan ahead and secure your spot before the event starts. 

Headbangers Pub

Via Tito Livio, 33/A 

For metal music fans, Headbanger’s Pub offers an amazing experience unlike any other traditional bar. 

Situated in a residential area in the southern part of Milan, the pub is easily accessible via public transportation around the clock. With operating hours of 9pm to 2am on weekdays and 9pm to 4am on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s the perfect destination for a late-night excursion.

Headbanger’s Pub is the top spot for live metal music in Milan, ranging from progressive to post, death, stoner, and hardcore genres, all performed by professional DJ sets. 

In addition to the electrifying musical performances, the pub also offers billiards and a cool laid-back atmosphere. 

Quench your thirst with a wide selection of draft and bottled beers, refreshing long drinks, and savory food options, all readily available on the menu.

Rock’n’roll Club

Via Giuseppe Bruschetti, 11 (Central Station)

Rock’n’roll is the hub for Milan’s rock aficionados, a destination that has carved its reputation as the city’s first establishment to offer this genre of music.

Step inside the venue and you’ll find yourself transported through the history of rock with a captivating collection of autographed memorabilia including concert posters, photos, records, and instruments. The walls are adorned with a collage of images from rock magazines, paying homage to the legendary icons of the genre.

Located a stone’s throw from Milan’s central station, Rock’n’roll opens its doors at 7:30 p.m. for an after-work drink and serves food until midnight. 

You can enjoy a reasonably priced meal, including their mouth-watering burgers, while also taking in some live concerts. Some events are even free! Keep an eye on their Instagram page to stay updated on their calendar of events.


Via Bernina, 1C (Isola)

A convergence of food, drinks and innovation, EDIT is a contemporary urban brewery that opened its doors in Turin in 2017 and recently expanded to Milan’s Isola neighborhood. 

Offering a fusion of craft beer, cafe, cocktail bar, and restaurant, this venue offers an exceptional dining experience that showcases the best of Turin’s cuisine. 

With a vast selection of beers, especially sour beers, as well as an array of cocktails and wines, the menu is designed to satisfy all palates.

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With average prices, EDIT is accessible and unpretentious, while maintaining its focus on quality. 

Each week, Thursday nights are reserved for live music, DJ sets, and exciting events.

 The venue boasts an industrial yet design-conscious atmosphere, featuring a spacious and modern layout. 

Photo by dimitri.photography

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