The Milan queer scene: gay bars, clubs, and parties

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For those seeking to explore the city’s queer scene, Milan is offers numerous gay-friendly bars. These establishments provide a safe, welcoming environment for LGBTQI+ people to socialize and enjoy a night out.

Whether you want to dance the night away, relax with friends, or just have a casual evening, there are many options of gay-friendly bars in Milan that offer something for everyone.

Gay bars in Milan

Porta Venezia

Porta Venezia is the heart of Milan’s LGBTQI+ community

Every year, Milan’s Gay Pride parade is held in the Porta Venezia neighborhood. It is a vibrant event filled with music, art, and dance that draws crowds of thousands every year. The parade is a powerful space for solidarity and celebration, and it is a wonderful opportunity to experience the diverse and dynamic LGBTQI+ culture of Milan.

It takes place here because Porta Venezia is considered the “gay village” in Milan, and it is the epicenter of the city’s LGBTQI+ community. It is home to a variety of gay-friendly bars and clubs, ranging from relaxed pubs and cafes to vibrant dance clubs. Here you will find a safe and accepting space to socialize and make new friends, as well as a place to be yourself and feel a sense of belonging.

Via Lecco is a street located in the Porta Venezia neighborhood of Milan. This is known as the “rainbow district” due to its plethora of vibrant LGBTQI+ bars and clubs. Those seeking a night out on the town can find it in Via Lecco.


Via Lecco, 5

gay bar in milan
PHOTO: @leccomilano

Leccomilano is a real icon for Milan’s queer community, and this bar has basically laid the foundations of the rainbow district in Milan.

The bartenders of Leccomilano are masters at making inventive drinks with playful names using only organic ingredients.

Plus, they serve a great aperitivo, and there’s so much of it that it might technically be considered dinner. By night, particularly on the weekends, it becomes a lively disco pub with dancing, singing, and music.


Via Alessandro Tadino, 5

gay bar in milan
PHOTO: @pop.milano

Pop Milano is a lesbian, self-proclaimed feminist bar. Its clientele consists mostly of lesbian women.

Inside, art and design take center stage: every few months, a new group of painters and illustrators creates works that express the bar’s pop essence.

Stop by POP whenever you want to take a break from your day and enjoy some dessert, coffee, or a drink with friends.

Red Cafè

Via Lecco, 5

Red is the place to go for cheap, no-frills drinks to start the night.

There’s usually a good time to be had here, and the bartenders are friendly and happy to help.

Mono Bar

Via Lecco, 6

mono gay bar milan
PHOTO: @monobarmilano

Mono was a pioneering spot in Milan’s gay nightlife, and one of the most frequented. It is located at a short distance from the popular spots of Leccomilano and Red.

Its vintage-style interior décor and DJ set make it a favorite among a large and diverse crowd of both locals and tourists.

All of the snacks, as well as the drinks, offered on their buffet are delicious.


NoLo is a neighborhood in northeast Milan; the name is an acronym for “North of Loreto” (the Loreto station on the Metro red line), and it characterizes the district’s character: it is multicultural and multiracial, welcoming and energetic, and appealing among young and creative professionals.

This change has just lately begun and is still developing; at the same time, a little seed of the rainbow district in Porta Venezia has been placed here and is slowly growing.

Some of the most beloved gay-friendly bars have opened here recently and quickly became a hotspot for the queer community of Milan.


Via Luigi Varanini, 5

milan gayy bars
PHOTO: @noloso.milano

The decor takes you back to the ’80s with its retro touches, like neon lights, bright tables, and pastel walls that make you feel right at home.

Aperitifs and brunch are the very best parts of NoLoSo’s week. Both include several low-calorie, plant-based, and vegan alternatives. The food is homey, nourishing, and Mediterranean, prepared with basic yet high-quality ingredients.

For many families, including LGBT families, NoLoSo is a weekend must-visit.

GhePensi M.I.

Piazza Morbegno, 2

PHOTO: @ghepensi_mi

Although not specifically a gay bar, the many rainbow flags and involvement in the Milano Pride circuit make it clear that GhePensi MI welcomes and supports the LGBTQ community.

Come here for the relaxed atmosphere, and stay for the wine, beer, and great cocktails.

Gay parties and gay clubs in Milan

In addition to Milan’s numerous gay and LGBT-friendly pubs and bars, the city also has a variety of gay or lesbian parties taking place in the most popular clubs.

La Boum

Magazzini Generali, Via Pietrasanta 14

The LGBT community in Milan flocks to Boum, the event taking place every friday at Magazzini Generali, to enjoy the themed parties and performances by a wide range of drag queens.


Via Gargano 15

Milan’s music, nightlife, and entertainment scene owe a great deal to Plastic. It’s a mecca for fashionistas, artists, and designers as it’s always evolving and setting new trends.

The wild drag queen show at “Club Domani” on Saturdays is iconic.

Toilet Club

Viale Umbria, 118

The rainbow-themed tagline of this Milan gay club reads, “At Toilet we are all equal.”

In recent years, Milan’s Toilet Night has evolved into the city’s most vibrant underground alternative party. Some of the most successful are pop dance electro DJsets and drag queen shows.

Butterfly Milano + Vogue Ambition

Via Padova, 21

This is a night geared at lesbian women, hosted in collaboration with Vogue Ambition (an iconic LGBT+ event) but attended by both lesbian and gay people. You can get in through a guest list on their instagram.

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